12 Biblical Mothers Who Made History (Before It Was Even A Thing)

The Bible features many stories of famous prophets, kings, patriarchs, and warriors. Men like Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Timothy, and Jesus show us how to live lives of godliness.

But these men didn’t just wake up and become men of influence. They were raised by some incredible (and imperfect) moms who “trained up their children in the way they should go” (Proverbs 22:6)!

The Bible may not have tons to say about motherhood directly, but we can take a look at these mothers from the Bible and glean from their experiences. They learned to trust God, persevere in difficult times, and see God’s faithfulness played out in their motherhood journey.


1. Mary – The Faithful Mom

Mary Mother of Jesus
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Probably the most famous mother in the entire Bible, Mary’s life shows us that we can trust God in all of life’s unknowns.

Mary is a young woman of humble means living with her family in a small town in Israel. After a visit from the angel Gabriel telling her that she will miraculously bear a son, (the future Messiah Jesus) Mary’s final response is, “I am the Lord’s servant. Let everything you’ve said happen to me” (Luke 1:38).

This simple and profound statement speaks volumes about Mary’s faith in God. And while her life as the mother of Jesus was far from easy, it was a life of faithfulness to God and trust that He would care for her every step of the way.

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2. Sarah – The Unlikely Mom

Sarah in the Bible
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Sarah was the wife of Abraham from the Old Testament. Her husband was promised by God to be “the father of a multitude of nations.” (Genesis 17:5), yet she remained barren.

Even past her child-bearing years, God’s promise stood that she would be the mother of His chosen people. Although she was extremely skeptical and even laughed at the idea of having a child in her old age, God reminded her of his power by saying, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:13)

Just as God said, Sarah did indeed conceive and bear a son, Isaac, when she was 90 years old – in God’s perfect timing.

We can learn from Sarah that God is a God of wonders and He keeps His promises.

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3. Eve – The First Mom

Eve in the Bible
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It’s hard to talk about mothers of the Bible and not mention the very first mother, Eve. Eve was the first woman, the first wife, and sadly the first to be tempted by Satan, thus making her one of the most famous women of the Bible.

Eve knew the rule God had given her in Genesis which states, “You may freely eat the fruit of every tree in the garden – except the tree of knowledge of good and evil…” (Genesis 2:16-17), but she allowed her focus to become fixated on what she could not have.

This sin that led to her exile from the Garden of Eden also spread to the rest of her family. As a mother, Eve’s two sons Cain and Abel are the first recorded murder story in the Bible. In Eve’s case, we can learn what not to do when it comes to temptation and sin.

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4. Rachel – The Dedicated Mom

Rachel in the Bible
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Full of scandal and jealousy, Rachel’s life reads more like a soap opera than a Bible story. After a tumultuous start to her marriage to Jacob (Genesis 29), Rachel struggles to conceive and bear children for Jacob. Adding insult to injury is her sister Leah (Jacob’s other wife…yes you read that right) bearing multiple children for her husband.

Rachel so desperately wants to be a mother that she has her servant become a surrogate! While God does eventually give Rachel two sons, it comes at a great cost to her contentment and peace.

We can learn many lessons from Rachel such as her commitment and dedication to her children, but our ultimate lesson should be to trust in God alone for our identity in every stage of motherhood.

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5. Leah – The Undervalued Mom

Leah in the Bible
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Leah was one of the two wives of Jacob in the Old Testament. Part of the beauty of the story of Leah is that even though she wasn’t the attractive “star” of her family (like her sister Rachel), God still used her in an amazing way.

Besides being the mother to 6 of the 12 sons that would become the tribes of Israel, one of her sons became the father of the tribe that birthed both King David and eventually Jesus the Messiah. Leah’s life reminds us that God has given each of us everything we need to accomplish his purpose for our lives right now.

He doesn’t need us to lose the baby weight or look “put together” before He can use us. God was intentional in the way He made Leah and he’s just as intentional about the plan He has for our lives.

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6. Hannah – The Patient Mom

Hannah in the Bible
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Hannah’s story from the book of 1 Samuel in the Old Testament is one of patience and trusting God while struggling with infertility.

Hannah pleaded with God to give her a child and promised to dedicate the child back to the Lord if He answered her prayers. God faithfully heard Hannah and gave her a son whom she named Samuel. Samuel later became a powerful prophet and help unite the kingdom of Israel under King Saul.

This story is a beautiful example of how to lay your fears, insecurities, and burdens at God’s feet. He hears our cries and knows our pain. The Lord is faithful to give hope and joy in all seasons of motherhood.

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7. Elizabeth – The Encouraging Mom

Elizabeth in the Bible
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Similar to the story of Hannah from 1 Samuel, Elizabeth is another woman who has struggled with the pain of infertility.

According to the gospel of Luke, God sent an angel to Elizabeth’s husband Zechariah while he was performing his priestly duties and declared that Elizabeth, even in her old age, would give birth to a son. This boy will be called John (later known as John the Baptist) and he would prepare the way of the Lord by inaugurating the ministry of Jesus the Messiah.

Elizabeth is also known because of her friendship with another mother who had a miraculous conception story – her cousin Mary, the mother of Jesus. We can learn from Elizabeth about how to be a true friend to other moms who are going through challenging times and encourage them to remain faithful to God.

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8. Rebekah – The Manipulative Mom

Rebekah in the Bible
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Rebekah is the wife of Isaac, the only son of Abraham and Sarah from the Old Testament. After struggling for 20 years to conceive a child, God hears Isaac’s prayer and Rebekah gives birth to twin boys.

Rather than trust God with her sons and allow them to grow into their God-given roles, Rebekah openly favors her younger son Jacob over her older son Esau. Her actions culminate in an elaborate deception that forces Esau out of his birthright and sends Jacob on the run from his angry brother.

While it’s easy to get anxious or impatient when God doesn’t seem to work within our timeframe, we need to remember to wait on the Lord and know that His timing is best. Take a lesson from Rebekah to not pit family members against each other and meddle in God’s perfect plans.

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9. Jochebed – The Resourceful Mom

Jochebed in the Bible
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The name may not be familiar, but her son’s name and story certainly are.

Born as a Hebrew slave in Egypt, Jochebed lived during a time when the Pharaoh was fearful of rebellion from his slaves and ordered all baby boys thrown into the Nile River. Rather than obey Pharoah, Jochebed hid her son for as long as she could, then crafted a basket and gently placed him in it among the reeds in the riverbank.

By God’s grace and plan, Pharoah’s daughter saw the baby in the basket and had pity on him. She decided to raise the child as her own and was given the name of a wet nurse, Jochebed, who could feed and raise the child until he was older.

And when the child was found among the reeds, the Pharoah’s daughter named him…Moses. The future deliverer of the Hebrew people out of Egypt. Jochebed’s life teaches us that when we seek to honor God He will faithfully provide all we need.

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10. Lois and Eunice – The Teaching Mom and Grandma

Lois and Eunice in the Bible
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Lois and Eunice are briefly mentioned in the New Testament book of 1 Timothy, but their legacy has lived on for generations.

Their son and grandson, respectively, was Timothy, a pastor under the mentorship of the apostle Paul. Timothy is known for his faith and devotion to Christ and his love for the church, something directly taught to him by his mom and grandmother.

Lois and Eunice show us the impact of teaching our children (and grandchildren) the Christian faith. We can influence future generations for the better by investing in our kids and grandchildren today.

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11. Naomi – The Mother-in-Law

Naomi in the Bible
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Naomi’s life is a wonderful example of the power of a mother-in-law (or a spiritual mother) in someone’s life. When her husband and two sons are killed while living abroad, Naomi decides to return to her homeland and live out her days as a bitter and penniless widow.

What she didn’t expect was her daughter-in-law Ruth to remain faithful and loyal by her side, refusing to go back to her own biological family. Naomi decided to use this beautiful act of love to place Ruth in favorable scenarios where her devotion and kindness were on display for all to see.

In the end, Naomi’s actions help Ruth marry a benevolent and upstanding man, Boaz, and Naomi sees God’s redemption from bitterness to joy in her life.

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