Angelica Duncan Helping Women Experience Real Life with the Real God


Helping Women Experience Real Life with the Real God

Angelica Duncan, CEO of “Silk Over Steel”

Faith Heart Magazine: Welcome to Faith Heart Magazine (FHM), Mrs. Angelica Duncan! It’s an honor and a privilege to spend these precious moments with you because FHM knows you’ve been busy building God’s Kingdom by helping women go deeper in the Word so they can go deeper in ministry. Speak with us about how you’re helping women live boldly in what God has uniquely designed for them. And please share your journey of how God prepared and qualified you to fulfill this call. We love what you’re doing and can’t wait to hear all about it.

Angelica Duncan: Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my heart with your FHM readers. What an honor and delight it is to pour into them! My work is embedded in calling women up so we can send them out. I am passionate about helping women step into the echo chambers of Heaven and hear directly from the Courts of Heaven so they can lean all the way into the most glorified versions of themselves.

To add to that – showing women how to earn a living from their online ministries. The Body of Christ has been experiencing a gaping hole because women’s voices are suppressed from fully ministering the Gospel without restriction.

Overall, the data shows that women in clergy earn 72 cents for every dollar made by a man – and they carry the burden of the labor for the local body.

Sadly, the wage gap in the Body of Christ is worse than in the world. We’ve got to do something about that.

I believe in the soul of my bones that there will be a revival that breaks forth in the online space and that women will lead the way. And I believe there will be economic justice for women in ministry.

The work that I do prepares women who hear this clarion call and desire to step into this move of God.

Faith Heart Magazine: Your ability to authentically relate to all your Kingdom Influencers’ Inner Circle “SisterFriend” followers is a true move of God in itself! You understand their needs and the sacrifices it takes to walk in your Kingdom’s purpose. So, help us understand exactly how Kingdom women should embrace their purpose and maintain a healthy balance in their relationship with God.

Angelica Duncan: Great question!

For a woman to embrace her purpose, she needs to know her anointing and calling.

Not just that she’s anointed and called, but the specific way God has anointed and called her. This is the bedrock for understanding her purpose.

She has to understand this, purpose has everyting to do with design.  You can’t understand the purpose of a thing, if you don’t understand it’s design.

Consider a lamp.

Its design and function determine its purpose: to hold light bulbs and shine. It will fail if I attempt to use a lamp to say, sit on, make spaghetti sauce, or bake a cake. Why? Because it wasn’t designed for that purpose.

Any woman who wants to know her purpose needs to lean into her design. This includes her anointing and calling, but it also includes her likes, dislikes, interests, passions, and desires.

All of this and more will lead her to her purpose!

The beautiful balance in this is that her purpose isn’t obscure. It’s perfectly aligned with how God designed her and encompassed her life experiences. Her best path toward discovering her purpose is to spend time with the Lord and herself. She can’t run or hide from either. Only the Lord can help her uncover the treasures He’s hidden within her.

We dive deep into this inside of my Kingdom Influencers’ Inner Circle. This whole topic makes up the foundation of our training.

Read more of Angelica’s story now.

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