Announcing the Legacy Standard Bible (LSB) is now available on Bible Gateway

We are happy to announce that the Legacy Standard Bible (LSB) is now available to read, search and use for your Bible study on We received a steady stream of requests for this translation and pray that the addition of this translation helps bring clarity to your understanding of God’s Word. Working with Three Sixteen Publishing and The Lockman Foundation to make it available was a long process but well worth it. Below, Three Sixteen Publishing has provided a short history of how this translation came to be.

In January 2020, members of The Lockman Foundation, The MacArthur Trust, and Three Sixteen Publishing met to discuss the possibility of refining the New American Standard Bible 1995.  Within two months, a team from The Master’s University and The Master’s Seminary, led by Dr. Abner Chou began working through the translation process word-by-word. The Covid pandemic and lockdowns actually provided more time for the men to devote to the project.

In February of 2021 a New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs was released, followed by the first full print edition of the Legacy Standard Bible in October of the same year. The LSB was also reviewed by a team of 70+ scholars, pastors, and every-day NASB readers from around the world. This ensures readers from all walks of life can easily engage and interact with the literal beauty of the Legacy Standard Bible.

Now available online and in various print editions, the LSB team hopes it will become a useful tool for those who love Scripture and want a fresh glimpse into the precision and depth of its language. The LSB advances the aims of the NASB by bringing out textual connections through consistent translation of words, highlighting literary artistry like alliteration, and tightening grammatical structure.

The goal was not to create a new translation but to refine an already excellent one. Carefully working word-by-word through the New American Standard Bible, the LSB improves word consistency, revealing a depth of clarity not seen before. With careful reading, the student of Scripture will see how the 66 books are a divinely orchestrated masterpiece from a single Author—eternal and without error.

One hallmark of the LSB is the use of “Yahweh” where the original manuscripts use God’s personal covenant name, rather than replacing it with “LORD.” Another hallmark is the consistent translation of the Greek word doulos as its more literal English equivalent, “slave.” Consistency of word choice was one of the team’s primary goals. Many English translations have a tendency to use synonyms for the sake of style, even when the original text uses the same word repeatedly. But the LSB team believes that the use of repetition within and across books of Scripture is actually one of the ways the Bible conveys meaning.

“You have dealt well with Your slave,
O Yahweh, according to Your word.”

(Psalm 119:65, LSB)

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