Don’t Ever Stop Listening for the Music or Dancing to His Songs —

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“If we’re not supposed to dance, why all this music?”  

– Gregory Orr

Dear Friends,

I have you on my heart. Today, I am flying thousands of miles back to my home in Colorado for spring break in Oxford. Clay and my Darcy dog await. Can’t wait to sleep, refuel, spend cozy times with Clay in our home that always embraces me. And we shall drink tea often.

My childhood piano stood in the middle of our foyer near the front door. Often, whoever passed by, sat down for a few minutes to play a tune, to figure out a song. All four children can play piano to some degree because music was a mainstay of our lives, piano and guitar were always nearby. I love this photo: a child playing, and even our beloved dog sitting at her feet, happy to be there.

Sometimes when I am grumpy or critical, I look inside to see what has replaced His melody, His voice. Usually, I have been too busy, carrying too many loads.

I used to tell my children that underlying everything, in mysterious corners of life, where angels watched over us, God was singing a song of joy, of peace, comfort, beauty, grace, that part of our goal was to hear His gentle voice, to find rest in His presence.

At times the melody is hidden, overpowered by noise that surrounds us, is it not? World News brings fear, dread, soul noise.

Who makes noise of the world so loud that, we do not even notice the music or acknowledge it’s reality?

Who would want us not to dance, not to listen, not to engage in joy?

If you are one who is too hard on yourself, tired to the bone, critical of your imperfections, stop where you are. Take time to hear God’s gentle voice tell you He loves you, your life matters, your heart and feelings are important to Him. Take time to unload.

We must not give in to the dark side, that creates the cacophony to blot out all of the alluring, heavenly music of His voice, words.

May God grant us ears to hear, hearts to listen.

There are piles of work to be done this month, but I am taking a break—why? Because sometimes my weariness hides music and light. I know He wants me to come back to celebrate life, to breathe in peace.

Praying for you today, my friends, that you will be refreshed.

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