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Remember that there is no time with God. In God’s eyes humanity is complete. How do we know that humanity is complete? Well, whatever religion we are, we all know that, eventually, there is supposed to be a divine, heavenly place where everything is perfect bliss. All the best movies have portrayed it. It has always been the struggle between the good guy and the bad guy, darkness and light. The whole movie reveals a struggle that we all can identify with and then somehow an amazing redemption. It has always been about a love story, in the end, the man gets the woman, and the woman gets the man. They embrace and we all are captured by this amazing feeling of magicalness.

The Credits

From our own perspectives, we all have been trying to tell the other about God. We all contain a piece of Him. Really, we all are a capsule, a body, a container that holds this piece of Him inside. We don’t truly understand that we are a vessel because the human being is always in a struggle with his identity or his ego. We think that our individuality is all that there is, at first…

The game of life is about creating pathways. These pathways are built by the people we trust. We want to build good pathways that will serve us in a meaningful way. Since birth the human does not trust himself and is always looking to the other for confirmation to know what is good. From our child self, we create these paths that develop our brain.

When we are older, we become confident about leaving the nest, or the brain, to venture out into the unknown, the world, to seek out our love, our heart. Love is a feeling and an experience that we desire to find in the other. That goodness that we know from our child self, we eventually seek to find in our lifetime mate to continue the cycle of life once again.

The Child Grows Up

God reveals Himself in relationship. The first relationship is between the child and the parent — God is our Father (father includes mother). When we talk about the masculine we are always including the feminine because Adam was one being and Eve came out of Adam, but they are described as one being united together.

Masculine is dominant and the household of the family is included in him.

When we know who we are, we are complete with Him, the Father. This is the way God is initially supposed to be understood. We do not go out into the world until we know that God is our Father. We are complete in Him and He is complete in us — We know that we have a relationship with Him.

When we understand that we are in a relationship with God, we do for Him. We are aware that every action with another is an action with Him. We learn to treat everyone around us with respect and see them for who they are as God’s child.

The Soul-Mate Connection

Learning to know the other is where things get tricky because we really have to be grounded in confidence with our Father. We have to understand that God is good and learn to never doubt that.

We set our boundaries by what we know from a child. Our path is our safety but we need to slowly come out of that safety to learn to love God in the unknown.

God is revealed in a relationship. God is revealed in our opposite. God is revealed in our image. We understand what is good and we see what is good in what is bad. We all are like children, so, in our darkness, or our ignorance, we have created what is bad. We see that now, and evil is very obvious. It is actually easy to see what is good. The narcissist is exposed. There is no more hiding for him.

We are Energy

The resistance between opposition has created us – it is always moving; pushing and pulling. Physicality and spirituality, when intertwined to complement one another in a perfect balance, in harmony with one another, are one with their creator. When good and bad work together in a perfect balance, in harmony as they reveal another side to that relationship, which complements the other as the bad strengthens the good to become even better.

We need the other to drive us. The other is our wheel that keeps us turning. The human does not like to sit still or become stagnant. We are always evolving. We are always striving for more. We all really want to become better.

We have left breadcrumbs of revelation all around for us to find and fit together to see the bigger picture of God who we begin to see is magnificent in all of His glory. A simple world of no challenge would never do Him justice. This world had to become what it has for us to understand His awesome grandeur. God reveals us through relationships, so when we understand the relationship, it is then easy to see the whole pathway to Him.

The Exodus

There is only Jew and nonjew, man and woman.

Jew is like the brain. The brain keeps to itself. The brain does not trust the outside and since its child has been told the world is a dangerous place. The brain understands God from its perspective. The Jew is the only pathway to God and it does not know any other.

Nonjew is like the heart. It wants to be free from any paths. It wants to be creative and make its own way to God. The heart is like the nations or the unknown; the rest of the world who is on the outside. It is scary out there but it is also free to be different from what has always been known.

Too much of Jew or nonjew, man or woman can become oppressive. We either become controlling or complacent. But when the man and the woman become balanced and unite together to find the complement that they both possess; they find the fullness of Him, in a whole, yet, completely new way.

Inside Out

When God outside (feminine) is in harmony with the inside (masculine) then God becomes ONE.

We can only strive to understand who we are to see who we are in His image.

We cannot understand the child we created until we understand the man who is in us.

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