Kailyn Lowry Reveals Suicidal Depression, Life-Saving Intervention by Friends

Lately, we have heard a lot of rumors surrounding Kailyn Lowry and Elijah Scott.

Does Kailyn have a secret baby? Did she and Elijah break up? Both? We don’t know, and she has not confirmed.

What’s truly no secret is that Kail has been grappling with mental health struggles. Specifically, depression.

In a new post, she is opening up about her severe depression and the ways in which she is prioritizing mental wellness.

Kailyn Lowry looks beautiful and very warm in this beach selfie during her Thailand trip. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Prioritize your mental health,” Kailyn Lowry captioned an Instagram Reel video.

“Because if it [weren’t] for @kcorreia23 & @natalie_a_k,” she grimly acknowledged, “I don’t know if I would be here.”

Kail added: “They saw the signs, they were there in my dark.” She also included the tag “Lexaprogirly.” Lexapro is, of course, a prescription antidepressant.

On Instagram, Kailyn Lowry posted this caption discussing her mental health and her trip to Thailand. (Image Credit: Instagram)

That seems to be a very clear reference to suicidal ideation. That is dangerous, and could have claimed Kail’s life.

Not all depression is immediately life-threatening. But suicidal depression can end people’s lives. Sometimes, without any external warning.

It is definitely a good thing that Kail’s friends spotted the red flags and helped Kail to help herself. Kailyn has friends, family, fans, and at least four children who all love and would miss her. And even without loved ones, life is worth living for oneself.

In Thailand, Kailyn Lowry enjoyed a lot of bright sunlight and gorgeous green water. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

As for the content of the Reel itself, it was mostly a montage of photos from the trip to Thailand.

It began with a simple message: “POV: your first flight and destination is Thailand after a year-long battle with severe depression.”

This was not actually a “POV” video, since Kailyn appears in the photos. However, the children on TikTok use “POV” to essentially state the premise of a video or scenario. We cannot explain why. Most of TikTok is just a baffling algorithmic nightmare.

Though it was not a true “POV” video except in the TikTok world, this is how Kailyn Lowry began her Reel video about her trip to Thailand. (Image Credit: Instagram)

We are so glad about two things about this Reel, caption, and overall revelation from the Teen Mom franchise alum.

First and foremost, it is a relief to know that Kailyn is alive and well.

We do not always agree with her choices. In fact, some of her decisions are deeply frustrating for fans — especially when those glaring mistakes impact others. That does not mean that we would not be deeply saddened if something happened to her.

Kailyn Lowry hosts several popular podcasts. (Photo via Instagram)

The second really important thing about this is that Kail isn’t pretending that she gained her footing in her depression battle just by going to the beach.

Believe it or not, there are still some hellclowns in this world that will try to suggest that “going for a walk” is a magical cure for depression. It isn’t. Neither is yoga or a trip to a park. They can help (sometimes), but sometimes these activities are expressions of mental health rather than causes of it.

Instead, Kailyn acknowledged that this is her trip after her depression battle. And she noted that she is, in fact, on antidepressants.

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