Light Outshines the Darkness —

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“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5: 16

The battle is still raging.

Many of you precious ones are heartbroken, discouraged, alone, and deep into the battle of faith. I understand. I am praying for you. I wrestled with my faith over years, but in doing so, I came to a deeper understanding of this fallen world, the nature of evil, that God’s light was stronger than the darkness, that we are all heading to a kingdom that cannot be shaken. It is not “bad” to doubt, it is the pathway to understanding. And of course, as was in the garden, Satan is there to whisper lies. My children doubted but eventually became strong in their faith, too. And I walked beside them with love and encouragement because I understood.

One means of reaching their hearts, though, was by creating a beautiful life where they could better imagine God’s goodness, His love, His justice.

Why did I sacrifice my time, make space to develop deep friendships? Create a beautiful place for all to dwell? Cook delicious meals, light candles each night, and play music all day long? Why late-night back scratches, reading literally hundreds of books about heroes, courage, sacrifice and love? Why the daily devotions, the bedtime prayers? The hundreds of tea times and talks and comfort given over endless stages of life for countless hours?

Because beauty, love, serving, encouraging, living out my faith in all the mundane moments of my days was my defense against the darkness, my defiance to the world’s lies and fears. It gave them scope to believe in God’s goodness, to hope for his justice in a broken place, to believe and wait for His redemption.

Recently, my granddaughter awakened very early, just before sunrise and wanted to go to “our special place” to have our tea time together. I lit the candles, made tea.

As I was doing so, she actually said softly, “Queenie, You are a light-maker in the dark this morning.”

My friends, go be a light-maker where you are.

Be sure to get your copy of Tea Time Discipleship and be inspired to be a light-maker in your world.

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