Making Confident Decisions

by Ami Durant

Weekends are always an exciting time for my children and me. We have been taking full advantage of the mild temperatures by going to new places and doing things outside our norm. After working hard all week, it is a great way for us to bond and decompress.

A couple of months ago, I was debating between spending the day at an amusement park or the aquarium when I heard the Lord say, “Go to the aquarium,” with no explanation. So off to the aquarium, we went. After a day of fun and excitement, I discovered a huge brawl at the amusement park we were considering. I was so thankful that I heard the Lord and took heed of what He said. It didn’t mean we would have been hurt or injured if we had gone to the amusement park. But who wants to attend a family outing riddled with violence?

It’s sometimes so easy to dismiss what God has to say on matters that we consider no big deal. After all, we reason with ourselves and say what’s the worst that can happen, right? Just go with what you are in the mood for. But did you know that God cares about the minor details of our life? Surely the God who knows every number of hairs on our heads has something to say regarding every decision we make.

It is ok for us to have an opinion on something. However, we should never be so confident in our opinions that we override or neglect what God says about a matter. We tread dangerous territories when we have strong opinions and weak faith. Faith in God isn’t just believing Him to guide us in our major decision-making. But it also entails trusting Him with the small intimate details of our life, even if what He is saying at the time comes with no explanation.

Jeremiah 17:7 (NIV) says, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.” Today I am challenging you to think about some of your mindless daily decisions. Consider who you are really trusting when it comes to the decisions in your life. Whether it’s where you should relocate, where to take your children for an outing, what type of places you should not visit, where do you find that your confidence lies when making a decision? Do you find that your opinions, experience, and how you feel and think dominantly lead those decisions? Or are you purposefully seeking God on what you should do?

We should never so be confident in our own opinions that we override or neglect what God has to say about a matter.

Our opinions should never be so strong that we feel what God has to say doesn’t matter. Remember that His ways and thoughts are always much higher than ours. Our confidence must always be in God. Bring Him in on your decisions. You may be surprised by what He has to say.

by Ami Durant, FHM Contributor, mother of three, Jesus Girl, and all things coastal.

Ami Durant is a mother, servant, and advocate. Having a heart for the rejected and condemned, Ami’s mission is to bring healing through God’s love and grace. She is a firm believer in God’s redemption and restoration and lives by the motto that there is no mistake so great that God’s mercy cannot cover.

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