Opinion: The 2024 presidential election should offer us some better options

We deserve better options than Trump, Biden

I am amazed that in a country with about 335 million citizens, the best we can do in choosing a president is a choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Bill Shannon
Mission Hills

Biden might consider a new vice president

Assuming Joe Biden continues his run for re-election, questions concerning his age would be greatly alleviated if he had a strong, young, energetic vice president. Kamala Harris has not demonstrated the leadership qualities and presentation skills needed.

I suggest that a winning ticket would have our Gov. Gavin Newsom as VP. He has already been running a state with the GDP of a major industrial country, is energetic, presentable and available — and is soon completing his last term as governor.

Victor Petrelli
Rancho Peñasquitos

Regulators should be working for citizens

Cheers to Robert Kennedy Jr. for bringing up the problem of regulatory capture. Regulatory capture is the relationship of our federal government agencies relationship to an industrial cartel. Examples of on an industrial cartel include huge agribusiness, wealthy drug manufacturers, labor unions, major airlines, major real state and construction companies, and chemical industry polluters.

Their corresponding collaborative federal agencies include: Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Labor, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Environment Protection Agency, just to name a few.

Our government is a large collection of powerful kingdoms that serve private interests (the above mentioned wealthy businesses) but ignore the public interest.

Edward Duffy
Chula Vista

DeSantis declaration deserved more space

Re “Resilient star ‘Simply the Best’” (May 25): Putting Tina Turner on a quarter of the front page while hiding Gov. Ron DeSantis’ announcement of running for president is an egregious error in my opinion.

Whether you favor DeSantis’ run or not it should be on page one because it is of national importance.

William Campbell

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Biden keeps lines of communication open

Re “A question of access” (May 4): Columnist Jim Geraghty is way off the mark accusing President Joe Biden of holding fewer press conferences and limiting press access, essentially, public access during those events. The issue is quality versus quantity. We got an earful from the previous president and much of what we heard from him was not ready for prime time.

White House press secretaries, aides, cabinet members and other supportive staff do a sufficient job informing the public. They do a good job openly answering questions from the press.

There is no public benefit for any president to engage unprepared in an impromptu debate with a single correspondent over a single issue.

John H. Borja
Chula Vista

I wish someone would ask Donald Trump this

Re “Trump insults accuser during CNN town hall event” (May 10): I wish someone would ask Donald Trump, the master businessman, these two questions.

Even early in 2020, he said the election was going to be rigged. So how, knowing the fix was coming, holding the most powerful position in the country, having the attorney general and all heads of the Justice Department, a majority of the Supreme Court and three of his own appointees, and a majority of state governors, Legislatures and their election officials all in the Republican Party, did he still get swindled?

And if Joe Biden can swindle him, how can we as a country be assured he won’t be swindled by other world leaders?

Ted Frank
Ocean Beach

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