Opinion: Was Biden’s Presidents’ Day Ukraine trip the right thing to do?

Why Biden’s photo-op didn’t earn any respect

Re “Biden’s journey to Kyiv signals resolve” (Feb 21): So out of the other 364 days in the year, the only one that fits this guy’s schedule happens to be the day Americans acknowledge and give thanks to the presidents of the United States. Instead Biden’s handlers ship him across the Atlantic ocean for a photo-op with another politician to brag about how much money and military equipment he and his handlers continue to freely give to the Ukrainian government.

I learned early in life that “respect” is earned when it is given. In my opinion this individual along with members of his administration have yet to “earn” it.

Richard Moker

Valley Center

Biden took a message of unity to Ukraine

It has been one year since Russia invaded Ukraine with death and destruction not seen since World War II. The U.S. and the 30 NATO countries need to give the brave Ukrainian soldiers everything they need to rid their country of all Russian soldiers and then declare a no-fly zone to end the war — soon.

President Joe Biden can stare down Vladimir Putin like President Kennedy stared down Nikita Khrushchev.

Yale Kadesky


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Trump’s trip was preferable to Biden’s

Joe Biden goes to Ukraine on President’s Day.

Donald J. Trump goes to East Palestine, Ohio, on Ash Wednesday.

Who’s the real leader?

Bernard Plent


Biden should have stood up to Putin before

Re “Biden took a message of unity to Ukraine”: I strongly disagree with the letter writer. There is only one way President Joe Biden could be compared to President John F. Kennedy and Russia.

Instead of plagiarizing Robert Kennedy’s speech, Biden should have plagiarized John Kennedy’s speech when he told Nikita Khrushchev to stand down and remove his missiles from Cuba.

President Biden should have given President Kennedy’s Cuban Missile Crisis speech to Vladimir Putin when he was amassing his military on the Ukrainian border “before” they attacked.

Steven Quinn

North Park

Biden was presidential on Presidents’ Day

Re “Why Biden’s photo-op didn’t get any respect”: This letter led me to wonder how the letter writer and others who criticize President Biden’s trip to Ukraine celebrate Presidents’ Day every year. Do they have parades honoring all presidents? Write thank you notes to former presidents for their service? Say prayers for the health and welfare of all presidents?

It seems to me that “this guy,” our president, rather than taking a day off to sleep in or buy a mattress like many of us throughout the U.S. do, showed the world the strength of the United States, by showing our solidarity with the sovereign nation of Ukraine as it battles to retain sovereignty. I think that’s a fine way to celebrate Presidents’ Day.

Maria Love

Chula Vista

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