Presbytery of Glasgow visit for Moderator

The Moderator of the General Assembly is embarking on a visit to learn more about the life and work of the Church of Scotland in Glasgow Presbytery.

Rt Rev Dr Iain Greenshields said he is looking forward to attending a diverse range of events organised by the Presbytery of Glasgow which will see him meet people from all walks of life.

Presbytery visits provide Moderators with a “wonderful” opportunity to offer encouragement and support to church members and the communities they serve.

Iain Greenshields
Rt Rev Dr Iain Greenshields

The programme, which runs from 4 to 14th March, will see Dr Greenshields visit a wide range of places including churches, a youth development centre, food projects, the City Chambers and will meet ordinary church members, politicians, ministers, chaplains and interfaith and ecumenical leaders.

He said: “Glasgow is a city very close to my heart and I am very grateful to the Presbytery for putting together a very comprehensive programme.

“I was born and brought up in Drumchapel, attended the University of Glasgow, my first job was with the Weir Group in the city, my first parish as a minister was in Cranhill and I am a lifelong Partick Thistle fan.

“Presbytery visits are pastoral in nature but it is also an opportunity to learn and I will be very much in listening mode to hear people’s concerns and aspirations.

“As a Church, we seek to be active in the community and I am looking forward to meeting a wide range of people from different walks of life to discuss the issues that they face and assure them all that they are held in our prayers.”

Cost of living crisis

On Sunday morning, the Moderator will be involved in leading worship at Milton of Campsie Church and will attend a ‘Go Mad’ family event in the afternoon.

In the evening, he will attend a service at Sandyford Henderson Church and will talk about his recent Pilgrimage of Peace to South Sudan with Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The following day, Dr Greenshields will visit an ecumenical project addressing the cost of living crisis at St Gregory’s Catholic Church.

It is part of a project involving Maryhill Ruchill Parish Church which ensures that five buildings in an area of Glasgow are kept open as warm hubs throughout the week.

The Moderator will later have a meeting with May Storrie, Lord Dean of Guild at the Merchants House of Glasgow, the Deacon Convener of the Trades House, and representatives from Crossreach to discuss how the Church can work more closely in cooperation with them.

On Tuesday, he will meet interfaith leaders, members of St Rollox Church in Sighthill – a congregation that is likely the most diverse within the Church of Scotland – and volunteers who run a food support service at Croftfoot Parish Church.

The following day the Moderator will visit Glasgow City Chambers and meet with councillors and officials to learn more about how they ensure public services are delivered in the city.

On Friday, he will meet with Rev Peter Gardner, pioneer minister for the Arts community, at his studio in The Briggait and visit Church House in Bridgeton – a club which provides opportunities for local young people to grow and develop into responsible adults.

Great honour

Dr Greenshields will preach at Carntyne Cranhill Parish Church on the morning of Sunday the 12th of March and later he will visit Partick South Parish Church’s café and preach during the evening service.

On Monday 13 March, he will host an ‘open house’ event for ministers at Cambuslang Parish Church to listen to their concerns and aspirations for the future.

A similar event for Session Clerks will be held the following day at the Renfield Conference and Training Centre, which is linked to what is now called St Andrews West Parish Church.

Rev Hilary McDougall, Moderator of the Presbytery of Glasgow, said: “It’s a great honour for us to host the Moderator.

“He already knows Glasgow very well and I am sure that he will have an enjoyable and fulfilling visit.

“Everyone in the Presbytery is very much looking forward to welcoming Iain and his wife Linda to Glasgow.

“As well as meeting with many people who are involved in the work of churches across the city, they will also have the opportunity to see some of the work which is going on to support local communities.”

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