Reader Question – The book where she lives in her grandmother’s building and one of the tenants is half-vampire…

Polly is looking for this one! Awwwww!! This one almost sounds like a Lynsay Sands book or something. Such a sweet, protective vampire. *heart*

She asks:


I’m trying to find a book where the heroine is I think Native American but has two half-siblings, a brother(?) and sister, and moves with them and her mother to her maternal grandmother’s house that she rents out different rooms to other people.

The hero happens to rent a room from the grandmother and he is also some rare type of half-vampire who is impossible to kill and also thousands of years old.

The heroine was a high school teacher I’m pretty sure and her sister was her student.

I know something happened in the book that made all the residents choose to move out but he was the only one who stayed and paid a lot extra to help the grandmother keep her house.

Anyone have a guess?

Heather: R.L. Mathewson , Tall, Dark & Lonely (Pyte/Sentinel Series Book 1)

Jodi: R.L Mathewson- Tall, Dark & Lonely  it’s part of her Pyte /Sentinel series.

Maryse: I bet you guys are right (I bought it but still have to read it) and I LOVE that author!!

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