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“Tea is one of the main stays of civilization in this country.” ~George Orwell

 Language as mind control: One of Orwell’s most important messages. Biblically, what we think, what we learn and know is what leads our life. Fun to see he was a tea person.

Today, I have so many fun subjects on Tea Time Tuesday. Of course music for this season of Lent, food from Mary Barry, who used to be on The Great British Bakeoff, and so much more.

I am receiving so many stories from you about those you are having tea with. And I even have a sweet memory of my own. When one of my sons was a teen and fraught with hormones, teen anxiety, and all sorts of life questions, I got in the habit of taking him out once a week during a season, for coffee and breakfast. He would drive and get up to the speed limit on our freeway as quickly as humanly possible. Loud music accompanied our ride as he share with me his favorite songs. Then Starbucks drive-through became the source of our tea food—an egg white sandwich for him, a gouda egg for me, and strong coffees.

These times gave me the right to be his friend, to ask questions, to shape input into his life in a palatable way—to mentor him invisibly when he didn’t even know what was going on. I used tea time discipleship in the lives of all of my teens. One-on-one time with each one gave me more entrance into their hearts. Often, we ended our time by a hike in the mountains with our thermos of hot stuff. Sweet memories and my son said it gave his life-centeredness and a sense of deep friendship with me. What a win.

Help me share the joy by sharing my book with others, Tea Time Discipleship, and take a load off and enjoy Tea Time Tuesday today.

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