Tea Time Tuesday: Cheers, My Friends!

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Tea Time Tuesday: Cheers, my friends!

If only you could come sit with me and sip a golden cup of tea. I would look at your eyes to see what I saw there. I would ask you questions about your needs, and hope to be of encouragement to you. We would talk about everything in the world, share thoughts and dreams, fears and failures, and give one another joy in time well-spent. If only! What would you want to talk about? I would love to know.

I must confess, instead of working late into the night to get this post up, I had one more cup of tea and thought about all the great ones who loved tea—C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Tolstoy, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Jane Austen and so many more!

I wish you a few minutes of sheer peace and pleasure today. I hope you really enjoy my podcast: Oxford wonderings, Miss Read books, goat’s cheese deliciousness, Celtic thoughts, and blessings for your life.

It is my hope that my new book, Tea Time Discipleship, brings you much joy. Be sure to get your copy today and let me know what you would love for me to talk about on Tea Time Tuesday—we shall have fun.


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