The Best Boutique Toddler Girl Clothes Essentials

Looking for toddler girl clothes essentials ideas with no unicorns or fairies? I am too.

Here is our edit of random things we have been buying for her, in reverse chronological order (shared from my Instagram Stories).


Girl beach dresses

Cost £5. We have a few of these and found them perfect for Summer as they are non iron as well.


Toddler beach dress

Costs under £5 (we also have the green one)




Girls button front dress

We had this last year in yellow, so blue will do this Spring/Summer.

We bought this denim dress with a collar which looks great with a cardigan. A friend gifted us one last year and its definitely one look that really suits our little one.



Toddler girl swimsuit

Costs £8. Other patterns available but I love this one.


Hooded dressing gown

Costs £17.99 and it is lovely. Available in beige and navy.


Kids sunglasses

We love these (and we lose a lot!)


Paper pag cotton shorts

From £15 (and obviously non iron!)


Toddler Girl White Sandals

Cost £8. I bought next few sizes as they will always come in handy.

Toms tiny alpercatas

Cost £12 from Amazon

These have been our Summer shoes and they are perfect (and you can match with mummy and daddy too – have a look at my Amazon shop).



Liewood Bre Sandals

Costs £24 from Kidly

They cost more than other similar ones but they last a lot longer (and dare I say look much better). We have them in a variety of colours and I cannot recommend them enough.



Girls shoes

Trotters Hampton canvas plimsoles (they also come in white and red), and there is another model which we also like (without laces).

We also got some similar ones from H&M in cream and other colours.


Simple dark jeans

We have been through a lot and the best we have found are from Osh Kosh in the USA. If you are travelling, order ahead and they are only $15. We also like these jeans.

Also have a look at their girls cotton t-shirts and cartwheel shorts.


Towelling robe and dress for swimming

Costs £16 and is brilliant.




We also bought these simple cardigans for everyday in a variety of colours.

And this very nice cardigan (which last and wash very well) is also back from last season.


Blouses and shirts

We have bought this blouse in a variety of colours before – prices vary, but they are around £15.

Gingham blouse (it really is lovely)

Wide neck jumper (available also in pink)



Day bag

We have made 2 transitions (one from the large Storksak nappy bag to the matching pram organiser (which we filled up to the brim, absolutely loved and recommend) and as we have edited down our daily essentials, decided we wanted to go with something that was less babylike (and would have a long lifespan for our daughter and used in many other ways).

We have bought the Longchamp Le Pliage club small shoulder bag (there is also a slightly larger version) and we literally want to keep things small (we also have an XL one for overnights and proper days out) which we love, so they match and as you all know, they last a lifetime and if they don’t, you can always send them to Longchamp to be repaired).

EDIT: With Potty Training, we upgraded our bag to a Large size as we needed to add a few more things like the folding toilet seat. The Large Size isn’t that much larger and will serve you better.

Note: we also got a Le Pliage organiser which really helps things stay tidy inside.


Hair Bows

Costs £9.99 for 40 pairs from Amazon 

We have found these to be very good quality and they last forever. And with the selection offered, we can match any outfit!



I will keep adding bits and pieces to this toddler girls clothes edit (and remove things as they sell out).

Happy Shopping!

Mrs. O


PS. Check out my baby and toddler travel essentials and my toddler edit on Amazon. For quiet restaurant toys, click here. And if you are considering potty training, this is what we used.


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