The Two Jews – Shannie Alvarez

It is difficult to know how this will all play out. God knows but we are learning. We know that we will get there because we know that Messiah has come. Oneness created the ONE so the masculine and feminine achieved perfect balance. We get there and we are beginning to see how it will happen. There is no time with God, so all of it already happened. We are in a relationship with darkness. When darkness is no more, we are complete with Him.

We can experience the bliss and watch as the miracles are unfolding. We know the darkness… Do you see the beautiful dance of synchronicity? You and I, are dancing …

There is only Jew and nonjew, man and woman but we are so confused because we have our priorities all mixed up. We really do not know who we are. The only way we can know is if we seek to find. What are we looking for? We all are looking for God but we all create Him in our own minds. God does not have a face. God does not have one face. We have no idea what He looks like because He is in all of us.

When we know who we are, we are able to see what is good in our image. Humanity has an image. There is Jew and nonjew, man and woman. Still, we are never God because we know we are darkness, we all are in ignorance, and our ignorance creates evil until we know the opposite. That is the mission of the human — to learn that he is good.

Free Will

We all have free will and we all are stubborn as we all are oppressed by the boundaries of our own small minds. We are trapped there as if we are imprisoned. There is no escape, it seems, and no way out. The human cannot see a door and the situation appears hopeless until he finally screams, “Where is the door?!?? Please, someone, get me out of here!!”

We have to desire Him. That is our only way out of this place. This labyrinth of an existence will only revolve around a continuous spiral of madness until we simply just ask to know how to get out of it. We finally submit all to Him because we understand that we are not God and will never be Him.


The name of the beast who is the number of man, the man who is nothing until he becomes something. Until we learn to love the other, we are just small in our own identity; we will never know the amazing love or truth of who we really are.

The world is reliant on man. But we have never ever needed the man. We have never needed the other. The only need is to know God. That is where we go wrong. We go wrong when we make man God.

We do not need the man because we need God in the man! God is in all men. God equally is the beautiful creation of you that is your own uniqueness and expression of Him. We all are here to express His light our way.

The man we love is the Jew. There is only ONE and He is the one we should all learn to love.

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