Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review

Troubadour x Thomas Pink combine powers to release a capsule collection of 4 essential work and travel bags infused with sharp attention to details that make each piece highly functional and timelessly fashionable. 

Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: bag logo detail

Eager to sample the collection, the team sent over the new Embark compact duffle for me to try out myself. Here’s the Troubadour x Thomas Pink review that will spill everything you need to know about the new collaboration release. 

I’m was already familiar with Thomas Pink as a renowned luxury shirtmaker out of London. Their brand of iconic shirts for men and women defines modern shirting with a high level of attention to detail and an energized mix of colors and silhouettes for day to night wear. The collection is essential yet anything but boring, and they offer the perfect range of shirting to create an entire capsule wardrobe for the most forward professionals. 

Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: shoe compartment dust bag for travel

Troubadour I had to do my research on, but quickly discovered the appeal. Now I’m drooling over their entire collection. The brand pioneers performance bags in a focused market designed for modern professionals, with refined silhouettes and acute attention to details and features that make their bags highly functional yet modern and sleek. 

Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: inside embossed logo and pockets
  • Super lightweight design 
  • Resilient Waterproof materials 
  • The right pockets for the job 
  • Sleek unisex design 
  • The right size for work to weekend  
  • Value designed for longevity 
Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: lightweight design

No joke. So if that doesn’t tell you something, let me just say, the bag is light. Why does it matter? I have a leather work bag that I love. Right size, great pockets… the downside, it’s super heavy. And while an extra couple of pounds doesn’t seem like a big deal, adding in a 16” laptop, cord, phone, keys, wallet, work papers, and a few daily essentials… it starts to feel like a ball and chain slung over your shoulder everyday.

Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: waterproof materials and rubberized zipper details

Not only lightweight, the materials used on the Embark duffle are really sturdy and oh yeah, waterproof as a bonus. Durability is critical when you’re investing in a piece for the long haul. Especially something like this that you’ll be using on the daily getting tossed around in and out of transport, having heavy items like your laptop pulled in and out, etc.

The zipper is even rubberized, creating a tight seal to keep water out where it doesn’t belong. Combined, it is what I would consider a truly high performance bag in respect to materials and thoughtful details. 

Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: laptop sleeve pocket 16" laptop sleeve

One of the primary factors in determining my day to day bags, the right pockets for the job. I like to stay organized, without reducing efficiency. After all, aren’t all ambitious professionals type A?

If a work bag doesn’t have at least a padded sleeve to protect my highly expensive monstrosity that’s designed to process large image and video files, it’s a no go. Outside pockets are also a win on functionality where I can quickly toss my phone and keys with easy access to retrieve them. The Embark bag has a nice size front zip pocket that works great for the job. It also has a back double zip section you can use as a second outside pocket, or you can unzip the bottom to use as a suitcase sling while traveling. 

Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: toiletries pocket
Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: shoe dust bag

Another adaptable detail is the dust bag which you can access from the side of the bag. The pocket material is thin enough you don’t notice it’s there if you’re not using it, but if you do have something you want separate from your packed goods like shoes or snacks, the thin lining and separate access point is a great functional feature to stay neat and organized. 

Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: sleek unisex duffle bag design

When it comes to apparel and accessories, design must somewhere meet functionality. The Embark duffle has a sleek, unisex design in classic black that makes a subtle statement suitable to pair with an array of work to casual attire.

Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: leather embossed strap

The somewhat boxy design of the Embark bag lends it to being the right size and shape that it can easily transition from an everyday work bag to an overnighter.

Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: sleek unisex embark duffle bag design
Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: travel bag
Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: extra shirt sleeve with embark duffle bag
Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: embark duffle bag review

When purchasing a staple item such as this, quality and longevity are key considerations when considering lifetime value of a product.

Troubadour x Thomas Pink travel bag review: embark duffle bag for travel

Also, did I mention each bag is made with 30 recycled bottles? Troubadour’s mantra includes using natural and recycled materials, so you can feel good about this sustainable purchase.

Excuse me while I go eye up the rest of the Troubadour collection. I hope you found this Troubadour x Thomas Pink bag review helpful. You can check out the collaboration on both the Troubadour and Thomas Pink sites. Happy shopping.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post features gifted items from Troubadour x Thomas Pink. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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