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The soul is feminine. Whatever you are in love with you become. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we all are in a marriage. Whatever drives us has us and we do for it.

The soul is feminine but there are two parts to it. There is a part of the soul that is with God and a part that is ego. Ego is the identity of the individual that encapsulates the soul. Ego is meant to be in a marriage with God but this is always a struggle as we try to define what is our ego and who is God.

We all are free to be individuals and this is what makes the beauty of God so amazing. We all express Him our way. When we are in love with Him we are balanced within the self and the ego expresses Him by its expression of love for the other. The ego understands that it is love when it chooses to love God instead of for itself.


We all are feminine spirit but there are two sides to this coin. The one side is loving in nature as it considers the needs of the other and it understands how its actions affect the whole. The other side is selfish as it’s only concern is for the wellbeing of itself at whatever cost to the other. This dynamic created two worlds — one is physical and the other is spiritual.

Humanity is born in ignorance or in darkness of God. Humanity needs to go through a learning journey of how to have love for the other. The human needs to learn who God is. God gives us free choice and so we all are free to choose to grow up.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of four and five year olds who are in high positions who never learned to grow up. The selfishness of the child does not see how its actions affect the other negatively.

We are all together, the two forces of nature, the good and the bad. What we have to realize is that God is not external, He is not separate because He is contained in the self.

The illusion we created in our physicality has convinced us that God is not there. How could a good God create the evil that we now see all around us? Well, He didn’t — we did. God gave us free choice to choose to either love Him or have love for only the self.

We are not in love with God because if we were, this world would instantly transform to how it is supposed to be — In harmony with the self.

Instead, we have narcissistically played the blame game. We have been doing it ever since the beginning of time. We continue to point outwardly when we really should be pointing inwardly.

The Game of Life

This game is between you and Him only. We all are accountable to Him. Whether we like it or not, we are married to Him. He created us — the feminine. If we choose not to be with Him eventually we will stand before Him. When our physicality dies, we find ourselves standing in front of His infinite truth that we denied. We will be full of shame as we will be completely naked. We will see how we did not truly love Him. We then judge ourselves very harshly.

We have an opportunity to love and become the love that we love before we are completely with Him, before our physicality dies. We can know Him like Adam knew her (Genesis 4:1). When we know love it is because we love Him. We become His love. We understand that God is contained in the self (all of humanity) and the world is our husband. We love God so we love our world. We are here to take care of it.

That is the trick that we cannot see because we cannot see ourselves. We cannot control the other. We are only in control of our own selves. We can only control our own thoughts and actions that reflect our love for Him. That is all.

We just love Him.

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