Will Debbie and Oussama’s Relationship Last? Probably Not …

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers watched as Debbie Aguero reunited with Oussama in Morocco.

They have a colossal age gap. And Debbie’s family is worried sick about her decision to move.

Despite a few superficial parallels, Debbie is nothing like Angela. Fans like her. And many fans expressed shock at how much they like Oussama.

That doesn’t mean that this relationship will last. Multiple signs portend certain doom for this couple.

First and foremost, we have to talk about the age gap.

We know that these two didn’t meet on a shady international dating site. They bonded over art, like countless people do every day, over social media.

And they’re both adults. This wasn’t a creepy situation where one of them contacted a minor and waited (or didn’t) for an 18th birthday. (This franchise showed one such couple — thankfully, Evelyn and David are over)

But, though “age gap discourse” is so brainrotten that some people think that classmates should face arrest for dating if they’re not in the same grade, it’s worth discussing.

Because they’re not ten years apart or twenty years apart. They have a 42-year age gap. If Oussama were dating a 42-year-old, people would remark on the age difference. But he’s dating a 67-year-old.

What do they have in common aside from an interest in art? Do they lead similar lifestyles, or wish to lead similar lifestyles?

And we don’t want to harp on this too much, because these are two adults who have every right to fall in love.

But even if we ignore all of the social factors (judgment from family, from strangers, and more), it feels like they would naturally grow apart if they were together.

Again, some people discuss this topic without a trace of nuance. If they were ten years apart, we would not bat an eye. But this is a woman nearly three times his age. This seems like a recipe for disaster and heartbreak for both of them.

What does Oussama do for a living? Well, he helps out on his family’s small farm.

While many people might find gainful employment in an office job or even enduring customers in a retail or food services job, Oussama prefers the peace of this work. At least, that is his explanation for not having a traditional job.

Is Debbie — or any woman of her generation — going to find his “starving artist” vibe desirable and romantic when she’s the one picking up the tab for their life together? We’ll have to keep an eye on that aspect of their storyline.

Then we have the topic of family approval — or lack thereof. We don’t know what Oussama’s family thinks of his love story with a 67-year-old American woman, but we know how her family feels.

Her kids are worried about her. They’re worried about her safety, her feelings, and also her finances.

Oussama doesn’t strike anyone as a scammer, but sometimes two well-meaning people can end up ruining each other’s lives. How long can Debbie continue this romance without her family’s approval?

Also … there are lovely areas of Morocco. It’s not clear if Oussama lives in one of them. He didn’t exactly give the impression that Khemisset is exciting or fun.

Maybe it is. Or maybe he and Debbie plan to live elsewhere in Morocco. After all, they’re only moving to Morocco because they figure that there’s no way that Oussama would get a visa, given the obvious red flags.

But if Debbie doesn’t like it in Morocco, how long will she really be willing to stay there with a guy too young to even remember the 1990s?

Maybe the biggest issue — so far, anyway — has nothing to do with demographics and geography. Oussama confessed to the cameras that he is “not yet ready to marry” Debbie.

Debbie doesn’t know that. He’s going to have to tell her. And he’s waiting until after she packed up her things and moved.

Maybe he’ll soon be ready to marry her, so it’s not as big of a deal as we might assume. But … it sure sounds like a major thing to withhold from your future wife.

That said, previews for the rest of the season have suggested that things get much worse.

We don’t know what the inciting incidents are that have Debbie telling Oussama that she’s “ashamed” of him, but it sounds like he has made one or two confessions that should have come earlier.

Maybe these two have only good intentions. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not headed for a breakup.

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