You’re Going to Make It… And I am too.

Some people say time heals all wounds . . . but I don’t agree.

I think it’s what we plant in the soil of that time that determines what we yield.

I know it can be hard to figure out this whole healing thing. Healing is not nearly as neat and tidy as I would like it to be. Ideally, I want to build on what I learn each day and check off my healing boxes like I would cross things off a to-do list. But that’s not the way healing works. It’s not linear. It is a journey of both progress and regress.

Through my own healing journey, I learned a daily practice that really helped me: Receiving God’s encouragement, instruction, and truth to start my day and releasing to God all that’s weighing me down at the end of each day.

And I’m so excited to share with you that I wove this rhythm into my new devotional You’re Going to Make It so we can make progress together.

With 50 days of morning and evening devotions and beautiful color photography, this devotion will help you:

  • Receive the biblical truth and encouragement you need when hurtful situations leave you worn out and unmotivated to spend time with God.
  • Escape the loneliness of trying to heal on your own with trusted wisdom from a Bible teacher and friend who understands your pain and wants to help you move forward.
  • Be reassured that though this difficult season is part of your story, it will not be your whole story.


When you preorder today, you’ll immediately get 5 days of devotions, a new, exclusive episode of the Therapy & Theology podcast, and more!

Oh friend, you’re going to make it. And actually, even better, we’re going to make it together.

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