Servant Leadership Opens Hearts —

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.

Mark 10:45

The concept of servant leadership transformed my life, my philosophy of discipleship, my understanding of the cost of love. And once I gave into becoming a servant leader, every day, all the time, I was more content with the life I had and the people I served.

One coolish evening a couple of years ago, one of my sweet ones plopped down on our front porch rocker & sighed such a sigh, it sounded as though the whole world would end. 

As I looked in the face of my adult child, I saw weariness, discouragement, exhaustion. Amidst projects, financial demands, relationship issues, I knew that life had demanded more than usual, it had left this one’s soul dry and weary. 

I slipped into the kitchen, got a cool drink, warm bread, strong English cheese, a bowl of soup and brought out a personal tray. I set it next to my depleted child. 

“How about a shoulder rub for just a few minutes?”

As I put pressure on the knots twisted up from stress, the drink and snacks were consumed. My child looked at me, breathing out the weariness, “I think you have influenced me more to love God by your great snacks and shoulder rubs than anything else you ever did!”

When God created the world, we were not just people of intellect, understanding, but people who had senses that made us feel the touch of a hand, the splendor and taste of a well-cooked meal, the soothing sounds of rain pattering down or music wafting through a room, the delight of purple mountains amidst fluffy clouds. We are multi-dimensional beings who are stronger, healthier when all of these differing needs are attended to. 

As we seek to influence the thinking, faith, love of our children, it will be as we do the work of serving, over & over again, of exercising thoughtful, kind deeds, thousands of times, one moment at a time.

Someone must do the work of life that results in pleasurable moments! When there are children involved, often the mama is the tireless servant, worker, leader.

Today’s podcast takes a biblical look at becoming a servant leader so that others might learn and experience Christ through our lives.

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