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If you follow me on my Instagram Stories, you will see that I share links to items I have purchased and could be of interest to others.

I will divert my Swipe Up links to this page, so your clicks are correctly tracked and attributed to me (if they come from Instagram and if readers don’t purchase immediately, I won’t get credit for it).

My sale finds below are in reverse chronological order, so it makes sense for those clicking in from Instagram (and they find the item they are looking for first).


Hermes Apple Watch (unisex)

From £1250

It comes with the leather strap (and also a bright orange plastic one), but what sets this Apple Watch apart from others are the faces, which are exclusive this model. You have quite a few Hermes options (and can customise colours). There are seasonal updates too.

Emergency Bag

Costs £10 from Amazon

I bought these (and tested them on 2 trips recently) and they are great. They fold to nothing and will be there for you when you shop a little bit too much.




Frette Bed Linen

Starting at £140 (down from £400+). Click here for UK and Europe, and also the USA.

Worth looking at towels too. Click here for Europe and UK and also USA.

You can find the outlet link for Europe here and USA here.

There’s a bit more variety in the USA at present, but still good availability in Europe.

frette bed linen sale


With regards to bath towels, I recommend the Eternity range (which is excellent and 750gr) – we bought the light grey ones for England and have the sandy beige in Spain.

Try and use the code checkout as a discount code as usually works (for new customers or new email addresses) and gives you an extra 10% off. Prices in the UK include duties and tax – but it is slightly cheaper if you send it to any EU country, so for those readers with homes abroad, ship there direct.


Men’s Sebago Dan Loafers

Cost £165 from Amazon


Cayumas Venetian Slippers

Cost from £80 from Cayumas (mine are the Verde Oliva C25)


Conair fabric shaver

Costs £17 from Amazon UK in Green or £20 in Blue. More colour options in the USA (inc white), for $12.


Skims bralettes

From $32/£38 each and they are super comfortable and available in every shade of nude so it will match your skin tone.

Get it from Skims (USA but very good global shipping inc duties, so works out the same and better range), Net-a-Porter and Selfridges.

skims fits everybody triangle bralette



I will update this list as and when and will they and remove items as they sell out (if you notice something, please help me by letting me know).

Happy Shopping!

Mrs. O

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