Social-Emotional Learning Resources for Supporting Students and Teachers

As K-5 students develop self-awareness and social skills, it’s important to make wellness activities part of a regular, fun routine. Discovery Education’s Virtual Field Trips can help students dive right into emotional wellness content and make these lessons exciting and interesting. Teachers can bring SEL to life for K-5 students with the Soar with Wings Virtual Field Trip, which delves into the key pillars of emotional intelligence and shares stories of real-life students. Self-esteem and bullying are very relevant topics to tackle with students in grades 3-5, and the Amazing Me Virtual Field Trip takes students on a journey to explore how to be kinder to themselves. With characters from Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe as well as ambassadors from the Dove Self-Esteem Project and Discovery Education, students can build life-long confidence and self-esteem!

Students in grades 6-12 are preparing for the next steps in their life, so it is important to help them learn about ways to maintain their emotional wellness through new challenges such as drug addiction, cyber-safety, teenage friendships, self-awareness, and stress management. The DEA and Discovery Education have worked together to build Operation Prevention, which has a Virtual Field Trip, lesson plans, and other engaging online tools to help students explore how addiction impacts people’s lives.

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