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Easter is almost here, and churches all over the world are preparing for services to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. One of the most important elements of every Easter service is the music. To help make your life easier going into your Resurrection Day services, we’ve handpicked motion backgrounds that match perfectly with the top 10 most popular songs for this season.

How Do You Pick The Perfect Motion?

Using TempoMatch, an exclusive tool from Church Motion Graphics, we were able to search for any worship song and find all of the best moving backgrounds that fit the vibe of that tune. Since we knew that we had the tempo right, we had the confidence to choose visuals that we felt would match the unique theming of the song and occasion. Having the speed of a motion background is important for making the moment feel just right. This process is fast and easy, so it can be used every time you choose a motion for your church’s time of worship.

Learn How To Use TempoMatch


So, feel free to use these suggestions in your service, or you can click the link below each one to find even more motions that will match your songs perfectly. All of the backgrounds used in these suggestions are from our new April 2022 Monthly Pack, which is the most popular look for this Easter season. It’s energetic and exciting!

Here are our picks for the top Easter songs of 2022:

1. What I See (Elevation Worship)

What I See

April 2022 Monthly Pack | Powderful Clash
Artist: Elevation Worship
More Recommended Backgrounds

2. Living Hope (Phil Wickham)

April 2022 Monthly Pack | Powderful Mist
Artist: Phil Wickham
More Recommended Backgrounds

3. Thank You Jesus For The Blood (Charity Gayle)

April 2022 Monthly Pack | Powderful Conviction Cross
Artist: Charity Gayle
More Recommended Backgrounds

4. He Lives (Church of the City)

April 2022 Monthly Pack | Powderful Alive
Artist: Church of the City
More Recommended Backgrounds

5. Homecoming (Bethel Music)

April 2022 Monthly Pack | Powderful Death
Artist: Bethel Music
More Recommended Backgrounds

6. Graves Into Gardens (Elevation Worship)

April 2022 Monthly Pack | Powderful Pure
Artist: Elevation Worship
More Recommended Backgrounds

7. Glorious Day (Passion)

April 2022 Monthly Pack | Powderful Energy
Artist: Passion
More Recommended Backgrounds

8. Firm Foundation (Maverick City Music)

April 2022 Monthly Pack | Powderful Crave
Artist: Maverick City Music
More Recommended Backgrounds

9. Because of Christ (The Belonging Co)

April 2022 Monthly Pack | Powderful Push Cross
Artist: The Belonging Co
More Recommended Backgrounds

10. The Commission (Cain)

April 2022 Monthly Pack | Powderful Rose
Artist: Cain
More Recommended Backgrounds


Honorable Mentions

These songs didn’t quite make the top 10 list, but were close! If you’re singing one of these popular songs, click its name to see which CMG motions will work best for it.


Ready To Try These Backgrounds Out?

Easter is the perfect time to add a little extra creativity to your worship slides. Get started by downloading this new pack of motion backgrounds to make it easy to have a great look. It’s available for single purchase, or with any of our Subscriptions.

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